James Bohary and Eyal Danieli

Elizabeth Harris Gallery
529 W 20th St., New York City
Through March 12, 2011

by Peter Frank

HAIKU REVIEW: James Bohary and Eyal Danieli both work with an agitated hand to produce fraught imagery. Bohary’s is entirely non-objective, a dense, darkly colorful, abstract expressionist—and yet highly ordered—formula that pits furious gesture against an almost architectural logic to produce an intense, unyielding rhythm that jumps from painting to painting. Bohary has in effect conflated Hofmann’s push and pull forces into unstable, cosmically dynamic syntheses. Danieli’s silhouetted figures do literally jump from drawing to drawing, as if cells in an animation at once playful and grim. The play comes from the mercurial fluidity of these shapes and the wit invested in their human figures, and the grimness from the shapes’ associations with war, fascism, and destruction.